❂ Avoid direct contact with any chemical such as perfume, lotions, creams, hair products or any other liquids onto jewellery.

❂ Avoid cleaning jewellery with tissue paper or paper towels as they can cause scratching.

❂ Keep jewellery dry at all times.

❂ Wipe jewellery with a jewellery cloth to remove skin oils, sweat or residue after every wear.


❂ Avoid placing jewellery next to window, air conditioner or in the bathroom.

❂ Store jewellery away from sunlight and humid areas.

❂ Store jewellery separately to avoid tangle or scratch against each other.

❂ Store well-cleaned jewellery in an air-tight box or bag.


❂ Apply makeup, perfume, lotions, creams and hair spray before putting on your jewellery. We highly recommend to put on your jewellery as last step to avoid contact with harsh chemicals.

❂ Remove jewellery before any activities that will contact with moisture and friction.

❂ Remove jewellery before going to sleep.